The Many Faces of Countertops

Is it time for new countertops in your kitchen? Granite, Corian, quartz, Formica – there are many good options and here’s some information to help make an informed choice.


If you are looking for countertops made of real stone, granite is a popular choice that, if well taken care of, can retain its value when selling your home. Granite countertops are very easy to care for and available in hundreds of different colors. They do need to have a finish applied to them and there are a few different options. The polished finish is the most popular and looks good with all colors. The honed, or matte, finish looks better with dark colors. The brush finish, which has a leather texture, also looks better with darker colored stone. Prices vary depending on where the stone was mined and the density of the slab. It can be the cheapest permanent top choice or the most expensive all depending on what type of granite is chosen.

There are a few downsides to granite. For one, since it is natural stone, the pattern does vary. For large projects, it is be beneficial to go pick out the stone you will be using to make and ensure consistency. Also, there will be seams in the countertop where slabs meet every 8-10 feet.


Corian, since it is man made, has the unique property of being seamless. If you have a Corian sink, countertop, and backsplash they can be made to look like one solid surface. Also, since there are no seams, there is no grime or bacteria build up. It does scratch and scorch much easier than granite does, but it is also easier to repair. It is available in over 100 different colors, so picking the perfect color is made easy.


Quartz is another natural option yet manufactured. It’s extremely scratch resistant and it will be visually consistent. Quartz countertops are not as porous as granite, which makes it easier to clean. It is available in a wide range of colors and it doesn’t need to be sealed, however, after the installation, joints will be visible.


If you need new countertops now, but the permanent options are a bit too expensive for your budget, Formica may be a good option. It has many different colors, including natural stone colors. Putting a tile backsplash instead of a Formica backsplash can look very stylish as well. Formica is a cheaper solution that is continuously improving due to the increasing styles and colors that are being offered.

With the permanent countertops, the prices among the different options are very comparable. If, after considering the pros and cons of the different options, all things are more or less equal to you, then color should be the number one factor in choosing your new countertop. Contrast is very important when choosing the color of your countertop. If you have dark flooring, a lighter countertop may be the best choice. Find one thing in your kitchen that makes you excited and plan the rest of your kitchen around that thing. Pick the perfect color for your kitchen and then choose the material that offers that color.

I hope this summary has been helpful in your kitchen design journey. Happy remodeling!



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