Meet Dave Reynolds

Meet Dave Reynolds, Owner/President of Reynolds Design and Construction.

At the age of 14 in my hometown near Detroit, MI, I earned my Eagle Scout award with a construction project which started my passion of woodwork and construction, leading me into a carpenter’s apprenticeship five years later! Shortly thereafter, I met my wife Kate and we moved to Rochester where we set up home and began a family. I then started work as a house builder, remodeler, and project manager for both my own company and another corporation. We now have three kids, Austin, Stella and Jack, and are thrilled to be involved in the Rochester community!


Besides my joy of family and work, my other love in life is music! For two-and-a-half years I toured with the ska band Buck across the United States playing trumpet! I still perform occasionally with my guitar and band around south eastern MN, writing my own music. I am also fortunate to lead worship at local churches and events where I’m able to express my joy, thankfulness and life in Christ.